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We at Contentmakers.in advertise across display networks. This is simple and a highly cost-effective way where you can get big results for your business. There is plethora of targeting to be done, along with the huge bidding options. A wrong step can sink in all your budget money. This is where our expert team steps in to your rescue and spends every single dollar of your targeted budget to make your digital display advertising a profitable channel for your business.

How our Display Ads work?

Campaign structure:
Plan is the primary thing that needs to be done in Display Ads. At Contentmakers.in, we start with a concrete and comprehensive strategy for the campaign to reach your business goals.

Targeting expertise:
We carry out in-depth study of the demographics, behaviours and sites of the targeted audience.

Ad optimization:
We design ads with a clear call to action which aims at maximizing your click-through rates.

Analysis and reporting:
We stay seated and continuously monitoring the process for further improvements and optimization.

Meeting your business objectives – Brand awareness ll Lead generation ll Ecommerce sales ll All Installations at Contentmakers.in.

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Why invest in Display Ads?

  • It is visually appealing
  • It increases your business reach
  • It is effective in retargeting your audience
  • It is measurable as well as trackable
  • It has effective targeting capabilities

Pricing Details

Campaign Cost
As per actual
Handling charges 20%
Handling charges 20%
Setup charges
50 USD