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Reading in hard-backed books is a thing of the past. With the change in trends, digitalization has seen increasing adoption characterized by the diffusion of new digital technologies. Whether be it a novel, a manual, a brochure, or even a news item, readers these days prefer to read almost everything online and on gadgets. So, to meet the needs of our readers, we have also transformed our approach towards reading and exploration, to a greater extent. Hence, we have our ebook writing service whose demand is growing every passing day. Keeping in mind such requirements, Contentmakers.in began its eBook Writing Services to captivate the ardent needs of readers from all over the world.

Our eBook Writing Process
Our eBook writing process includes a content marketing strategist, project manager, and creative team focusing on the editorial component of the service. Our eBook writing services put effort into how to make the context of your eBook as impactful as possible. Our dedicated project manager works with you to ensure the services align with your content strategy. The result is our professionally written eBook that serves as a powerful reading tool for our generation.

Genres we cover:

Fiction Non-fiction
Novels Narratives
Mystery Memoir
Textbook Cookbook
Autobiography Literature
Periodicals Kids book
Business Marketing & advertising
Finance Law
Manufacturing Technology
Travel Education
Health care Entertainment

From B2B to B2C brands, eBooks are a key piece to the marketing strategy that helps generate leads, establish thought leadership, increase brand awareness and engage potential customers.

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What we offer?

  • Professional writers to work on eBook projects.
  • Highly compelling and useful content is written by our ebooks writers, for the intended readers.
  • We are fully committed to trying our best to deliver you the best quality outputs that meets your expectation or even beyond that.
  • Our team assures to develop the one topic that seizes the attention of intended readers.

Pricing Details

Rs. 210/page