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At Contentmakers.in we use professional demographic data to find the right business promotion for you which involves retargeting previous website visitors, reaching to the contacts, and building account-based marketing campaigns.

Tools and tactics we use:

Premium content offers:
Premium content offers include e-books, checklists, cheat sheets, webinars, demos, templates, and tools for gaining customers.

Landing Pages:
Landing pages are used to turn visitors into leads. By designing a conversion optimized landing page, visitors are not only willing to, but actually excited to hand over their information in exchange for your premium content offer, such as a guide or webinar.

Forms are used to capture the information about a visitor. Forms that we use serve as the final step for turning an anonymous website visitor into a marketable lead in your database.

You need to guide or direct the visitors to the target page or site that you want them to lead to. Though this might increase the bounce rate, however, if well designed with a call to action button this can generate a new lead.

Website Pop-Ups:
Website pop-ups triggered at the perfect time on specific pages to specific users, maximize the chances of converting your website traffic into new leads and customers.

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What we do for your business?

  • Convert Visitors Who Aren't Ready to Purchase
  • Increase the Quality of Your Lead
  • Gain Greater Insight into Leads

Pricing Details

Campaign Cost
As per actual
Handling charges 20%
Handling charges 20%
Setup charges
50 USD