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Free Content Writing Tools to help you Create Great Content

Using an appropriate tool can make content creation and content writing so much easier and more successful. There are so many details that need to be included to draft perfect content that attracts readers, provides information, turns visitors into customers, and ranks high on search engines.

We understand the anxiety all content writers feel when they check the clock and see that several hours have passed during what you thought was going to be a quick post. Well, being a content writer you can always make your path easy by using modern technology i.e. Content writing tools.

Why Do You Need Content Writing Tools?

Using content writing tools can:

  • Improve your writing: Using a content writing tool will help you create coherent content without any grammatical or structural errors.
  • Increase readability: A tool can make your content more readable that your audience enjoys and finds engaging.
  • Help you find fresh content ideas: With the help of a tool, you can easily find some trending topics that will engage your website more.
  • Interest your audience. Tools ensure that you have created fresh content ideas that resonate with your audience.
  • Help you to create exceptional visuals: The content writing tools will help you discover visuals that resonate with your audience more. You will also get some assistance to get insights into what colors to use, what hashtags to insert in the image posts, what should be the themes, keywords, etc.

Here is a list of free content writing tools below. Let’s get started.

Planning tools for content writers

Planning tools are focused on thoughtful research practices and good organization. Through this app, you can streamline the workflow and improve the flow of your content team’s writing.

Google Trends

This is a free Google product that helps with content creation. It measures the interest shown for the topic over time and by location or presents insights into related topics and questions people are searching for via Google. It also provides information on some trending current topics.

Hub Spot’s Blog Topic Generator

If your marketing team is struggling to turn keywords into interesting, engaging topics, then it is the best app to opt for. It allows them to input up to five nouns and returns five title ideas right off the bat or some titles if they input some basic business information.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This is also a free tool that your marketing team may enter a keyword and cycle through as many title suggestions as they would like until they find the perfect one.

Drafting tools for content marketing writers

Drafting tools make it easy to keep the perfect flow of words throughout the content.

Google Docs

Out of all the online content writing tools, Google Docs is one of the most user-friendly and versatile it is loaded with numerous templates and a straightforward interface that makes it easy to compose a wide variety of content.

Co-schedule’s Headline Analyzer

This is a free headline analyzing tool that provides instant feedback on how to optimize titles based on factors such as clarity and conciseness It gives a particular score for each iteration so that they can easily choose the best of the batch.


This tool helps content writers write titles by instantly converting headline cases to a variety of styles, including AP style, sentence case, all uppercase or lowercase, etc for free.


With the free versions of Canva, users can create and share simple yet effective images, charts, and animated graphics to attach to their content to improve engagement.

Editing tools for content marketing writers

These free content writing tools facilitate quick and thorough editing processes that will ensure that your piece of content is free from any mistakes and is polished to its fullest potential.


This is a free AI-based digital content writing assistant that provides an array of expert-level editing features all in one simple, user-friendly product. It checks the content and does automated grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks.

Hemingway editor

It analyses the content sentence by sentence. It can also be treated as a spellchecker.

Writing productivity tools

Focus Writer

This free content-writing app focuses on an uncluttered interface. It has a menu bar that you can access by moving your mouse to the edge of your screen. You will find over 20 languages in this tool. It keeps track of your daily goals, timers, and alarms, customizable themes, spellcheck, and autosave.

Stay Focused

This is a free and highly customizable browser extension to increases your productivity by allowing you to limit the amount of time that you can spend on certain websites.

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