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Limitation of Liability is owned and operated by Dzital Education Asia Pvt Ltd. Under no circumstances shall be liable for any losses or damages whatsoever, whether in contract or otherwise, from the use of or reliance on, the materials on the website. includes all its divisions, subsidiaries, successors, parent companies and their employees, partners, principals, agents, and representatives as well as any third-party providers or sources of material. While takes all necessary precautions to safeguard all submitted documents, it shall not be held liable for the loss of documents due to power failure, hardware/software failure, computer viruses, natural disasters, or any other unforeseen matters and factors beyond our control. You will be responsible for creating back-up and archival copies of your documents. In no event will be responsible to you or any other person for any loss, corruption, or alteration of documents.

For any reason whatsoever, the maximum liability that will be borne by that may be caused by any delay, defect or any other reason and the damages that may arise due to these incurred by the customer will be limited to and not exceed the invoiced amount for the assignment/project.

Governing Law

  • These terms and conditions are governed by and to be construed in accordance with the Indian law. Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Bhubaneswar courts.
  • Replacement, Cancellation, and Expiration Policy
  • We follow a simple policy regarding the replacement and cancellation of the file. This policy will help to minimize the errors for editing the wrong file. The replacement and the cancellation policy are explained below:

Replacement Policy:

  • We do not replace files if they are being revised and sent back for editing.
  • The file can only be replaced if a completely wrong file is being sent for editing.

Cancellation Policy for Content Writing Services, Research Editing Services, Content Marketing, and Digital Marketing:

  • A cancellation will only be allowed if the wrong file has been sent for editing.
  • Cancellation must be made by emailing us at
  • The replacement of the file after the start of editing is considered as a cancellation of the order.
  • There is a cancellation fee charged to cancel the wrong file sent and replace it with a completely new document.
  • The cancellation fee will be calculated based on amount of work done on the assignment.


Assignment StatusCancellation Fee %
Work not started0%
Initial processing of the assignment is done25%
Assignment allocated to Freelancer and 25% of TAT is completed50%
Assignment allocated to Freelancer and 50% of TAT is completed75%
Assignment is completed and ready to deliver100%

Refund after Cancellation:

  •  Transfer fees will be deducted from the refund amount. Also, all additional charges for sending the refund back will be deducted from the refund amount.
  •  Refund is not possible if any one of the following conditions are met:
  •  If the refund amount is less than 99 USD or equivalent
  •  Cancellation is after 15 days of placing the order
  • If local invoice with VAT has already been issued
  • In such cases, this amount will be adjusted against future orders.
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