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How Is Open Access Publication Helping in Research Community?

Open access refers to allowing free access to scientific or non-scientific publications, which includes clear guidelines for the readers to use and share the content.

The main purpose of the open-access publication model is to create a set of recommendations that were designed to give the public unrestricted access to scholarly research articles or books. Even before the advent of the internet, many variants of this publication model were proposed to enhance access.

Types of Open access models

Two major types of open-access models aim at helping researchers get access to the publication of their or others’ research work in the academic research field. The two models are named, Gold open access and Green open access

Gold open access includes no-cost public access to get your research work published, which will be the permanent and immediate record of your work. Similarly, the other section is known as Green Open Access. It has free access to a part of the research papers/articles. Here, time delay may occur. Also, it will cost nothing for the authors or you can say it is free.

Benefits of open-access publication

Every researcher dreams about publishing a research paper with open access. So in this journey to publish your research paper, Authors can help you to a large extent by providing open access in several ways.

  • Open access helps the researchers publish a manuscript in such a way that makes the research output immediately available.
  • It also increases the author’s ability to find and use relevant literature and enhances the research visibility, impact, and readership of the author’s work, which creates new avenues for discovery in a digital environment.
  • Open access publication can add an extra pace to the innovation discovery and research work.
  • Through open access, the manuscript can be published in fixed point theory and application.
  • The research articles are also freely available and downloadable from the internet and there are no subscription charges to reach the material.
  • Open-access publications are likely to be indexed in databases so that it becomes easier for the researcher to find and spot them. For open access, the processing cost is affordable i.e. lower than online and hard copy publication.
  • As open-access publications are less expensive to produce and disseminate both publishers and journals both are benefitted.
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