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How to Write your First EBook?

Ebooks have become an asset to everyone around the globe. People adopting digitalization more and hence look moreover to read books online rather than offline.  If you are a business person then creating an eBook gives you a great opportunity to reach potential customers and impress them with your industry knowledge, or help them with their queries. However, beginners find a lot of problems while writing it.

Tips to help you know about how to write your first eBook:

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas

Ideas are the primary thing in your writing process. For both fiction and non-fiction books, this means researching niches and writing about the ideas that appeal to a large market. Make sure everything – starting from the content to organizing the ideas, is clear enough in your head before typing them down.
Look forward to researching your topic whether, it’s trending or not, or it will attract a large audience or not. Besides the obvious (romance, thrillers, horror), you may find that certain genres as your area of interest – personal finance, self-improvement, etc.

What’s the industrial conversation? In the tech industry, for instance, it’s Big Data. A year back, it was Cloud Computing. Is there anything new in the IT Industry? For the automobile industry, it’s electric cars and so on. Browse about the industrial topics to find out what people are talking about. This will give you tons of ideas for topical, in-demand books.

Writing an eBook in an evergreen niche is usually a good idea. It can also be a sort of interest among the people. Weight loss, productivity, and making money, are the niches that never go out of fashion.

Step 2: Carry out your research

Research is the basic thing of writing a non-fiction eBook. Once you have got your idea, browse about it to pick up statistics, facts, and figures about your idea.
Look after who’s buying your product. Who are your primary consumers in your niche? What is the age of your maximum customers? You must find out about what type of people are under your domain.

The next thing that you should know about is where to sell your eBook. Look where the best authors are selling their books, whether they have their websites, or on Amazon, etc. This information will be profitable when it’s time to publish your eBook in the market.

Step 3: Create an Outline:

This is an optional part of your project work, but important for helping you to write one EBook. Readers are most likely reading your book to find a solution to their problem. Burying this solution into irrelevant ideas will end up frustrating your readers. That’s why you need a detailed outline to help with the writing process.

Follow these tips while creating the outline:

  • The outline should be like a table of contents.
  • Chapter-wise outlines to organize ideas.
  • Include references to citations/statistics you found while organizing ideas.

Step 4: Start Writing:

Now that you have researched your topic, organized ideas made a detailed outline of the entire project, writing them will be easy. Follow these tips below to make it easier:

  • Write straight on point. Don’t lose your audience by meandering around the solution.
  • Don’t make your non-fiction book boring. Pepper in some personality and wit whenever you can.
  • Different genre books should be read differently. Use your style of writing according to the topic you selected.
  • Set your target audience and write your book accordingly.
  • Keep the goal in mind and make your writing much more concise and purpose-oriented.

Step 5: Edit Proofread

After completing writing your EBook, you will need to edit it. It is one of the hardest parts of the whole process. Editing stray thoughts and ideas into order is challenging. Prefer getting it edited by a professional. But if you want to edit it on your own, then check grammar and spelling thoroughly. Ensure there is no plagiarism in your story content. Go through every word. You can also take the help of various tools like Grammarly for editing.

Publishing your EBook:

Getting the book published in the final set of works. Several tools and services are available today on the internet, to ease our work.

Some rules to follow these rules before publishing:

  • A table of contents is a must for every genre book.
  • Write an Author’s note or Preview if you want to.
  • The EBook cover should be attractive enough. Remember that people are mostly attracted by looking at the cover pic.
  • You will need some design experience and Photoshop knowledge to create a good cover.

That’s it. You are now done to publish your EBook and get amazing profits from them.

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